Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bill of Materials

Part Number Manufacturer Part Description Quantity Link to Data Sheet
NJM4559S New Japan Radio Company, Ltd. (JRC) Dual op-amp, +/- 4-18V supply voltage, 100dB voltage gain, 5MΩ input resistance, ~3.5mA operating current 1 Link
LC4066B Sanyo Semiconductor Quad analog switch. When control input is H, resistance between 70Ω and 300Ω from input to output; when control input is L, resistance is >1GΩ. Operating range ~5V-15V. 1 Link
NL354522 Mitsumi Transformer 1 (Could not be located)
AN7337 Panasonic 7-element graphic equalizer IC for Hi-Fi audio equipment 2 Link
No part number found. 45mm 100KOhm Slide Potentiometer w/Red LED 14
2SC1740S Secos NPN Plastic Encapsulated Transistor 1 Link
ST2SA933 Semtech Electronics PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor/td> 1 Link
2SC2878 Toshiba NPN transistor; high-emitter base voltage 25V; high reverse hFE=25; low on resistance=1Ω 2 Link
SSHK75 Panasonic Push-switch; juts out when off, sets in when on. 1 Link
No part number found. Red-and-white 4-plug audio I/O ports 2

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